With so many sizes and fills people have asked to see some of our ideas.  Well here are just a few more.
We have bottle sizes: 50 ml, 187 ml, 200 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, 1500 ml and even a few re-purposed name brand bottles such as Crown Royal, Gray Goose, Patron, Galliano and more.  We can also re-purpose beer bottles if that's you thing.  If you're trying to avoid the look of alcohol bottles we also have Keuka bottles.  Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to make your special occasion as momentous and you.

As for fills we can do candies, trail mixes, spices and other dry goods, bird seed, bath salts, bullet casings, and well... basically anything non-liquid that will fit thru the opening of the bottle.

As for packaging we can beautifully display your announcement on the label, adorn with wax seal, ribbon, rhinestones, mini silk flowers, organza, bow ties, fishing lures/weights or pretty much whatever you would like.

As to the bottles themselves we have both glass and plastic.  Specialty bottles can be special ordered.

As for closures we have twist caps both metal & plastic, natural cork, tamper evident plastic caps, wax dips and shrink wraps.

BUT... if there's something you'd like that we haven't thought of please let us know.  We're always open to trying new and challenging things.

Example Gift: (For a fisherman) 6 Pack of favorite beer bottles filled with a selection of nuts, candies, fishing line, measuring tape, tweezers, and fishing lures decorated with twine and fishing weights.

Example Gift #2: Wedding Keepsake  50 ml bottles filled with bird seed, labeled for the bride & grooms special day and adorned with organza & ribbon.

Example Gift #3: Grandma has EVERYTHING, wants NOTHING, loves mac & cheese  1 pound elbow macaroni in a champagne bottle labeled for her spcecial day, adorned with wax seal and ribbon.
Prices Vary based on order.

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You Name It...

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